Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings

(Available Regular or Spicy) Full Order  13   Half Order 6.50
Half dozen fresh whole natural chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, tossed in caramelized fish sauce and garlic and served with pickled vegetables. Our signature dish!  As seen on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”  

Wing Special  12
A half order of wings  with papaya salad and sticky rice

Wing Party Platter  30 wings   55
Bring a platter of our signature Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings to the party.  Includes pickled veggies. Allow 1 hr advance notice

Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wing Special

Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wing Special

Ike’s Vietnamese Tofu “Wings” (Available Regular or Spicy)  Full Order 12  Half Order  6
Same as above except vegan! Made with fried locally sourced tofu.

Tofu Wing Special  12
A half order of tofu wings with vegetarian papaya salad and sticky rice

Our vegan Ike's Vietnamese Tofu "Wings"

Our vegan Ike's Vietnamese Tofu "Wings"

House Specialites

Ju Pa Bao 6.50
Macanese-style bun.  Bone-in pork loin fried in pork fat served on a toasted soft roll, unadorned.

The Pok Pok Dog 4.50
Deep-fried chicken dog with wing caramel, pickled vegetables, fried garlic and Sri Rancha

Pok Pocket 6.50
Crispy fried roti flatbread stuffed with curried chicken, egg and potato. Served with spicy cucumber relish.

Kai Thawt 3.50
Thai-style marinated, battered and deep fried, boneless chicken breast. Served with sweet chile sauce and our Sri Rancha!

Spicy Chicken Sandwich 6.50
Pok Pok Midnight fried chicken breast on toasted bun with pickled vegetable slaw, pickled serrano chiles, cilantro and SriRancha sauce.

Kai Thawt Special 10
Thai-style fried, boneless chicken breast served with spicy papaya salad and sticky rice.

Kai Thawt Special

Kai Thawt Special

Papaya Pok Pok (Available vegetarian)  8
Spicy green papaya salad with peanuts, tomatoes, Thai chilies, long beans, dried shrimp, garlic, palm sugar, lime juice and fish sauce.

Papaya Pok Pok Salad

Papaya Pok Pok Salad

Khao Man Som Tam 12
Coconut rice topped with sweet pork, served with papaya salad

Khao Man Som Tam

Khao Man Som Tam

Chinese Steam Buns 

Fried Chicken, Sweet Pork and Tofu Steam Buns

Fried Chicken, Sweet Pork and Tofu Steam Buns

Mantou Kai Thawt  3.50
Deep fried chicken in a steamed bun with Sri Rancha and pickled vegetables

 Mantou Taohu  3.50
Fried tofu glazed with vegan wing caramel in a steamed bun with pickled vegetables

Mantou Muu Waan  3.50
Sweet pork with fried shallots and cilantro in a steamed bun

Choose three buns for  9.75


1/4lb House-Roasted Red Peanuts  4
Pok Pok style with lime leaf, garlic, chilies and sea salt

Shrimp Chips  2.50
Sticky or Coconut Rice 2.50
Side  SriRancha 0.50
Side Sweet Chili Sauce 0.50


Som Soda 3.50
Fizzy, sweet & tart elixir made with Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegars. Ginger, Thai Basil, Grapefruit or Turmeric

Pok Pok Cha Yen 3.50
Thai iced tea with evaporated milk

Pok Pok Cha Manao  3.50
Thai iced tea with fresh lime juice

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee & Milk  4
Coconut Water  3

Mineragua Soda Water  2
12oz Bottled Water  1